Elementor & Plugins Review


I decided to make this post because i wanted to test all the avaliable plugins that are in the wordpress repository and see what feets in my business needs. I hope that all the designers developers will get help readind this article.

The Process

First i made a fresh installation of wordpress 4.9.8 in my local machine and installed also the oceanwp theme. Then i installed the elementor Free ver 2.1.8 and elementor pro ver 2.1.3
After that i searched in the plugins area of wordpress with the key word “elementor”, so i got 8 pages of results. The results where not all for elementor but most likely they have key words related to elementor. I went throught the results one by one (oh my God) and installed only these plugins that was having in their title the word elementor. I skiped those that where not updated for 3 month and more, but i went also inside to see what they are doing.
Next i was activate one by one and test it. Some of them are for woocommerce so i installed also that.

So here are the results of my research, i hope you will enjoy it.

Premium Addons for Elementor by Leap13

This plugin give you the ability to enable or disable the elements that provides, for sure it's a plus.


  • Premium Banner
  • Premium Carousel
  • Premium Countdown
  • Premium Counter
  • Premium Image Seperator
  • Premium Modal Box
  • Premium Progress Bar
  • Premium Testimonial
  • Premium Title
  • Premium Fancy Text
  • Premium Video Box
  • Premium Pricing Table
  • Premium Blog
  • Premium Person
  • Premium Maps
  • Premium Dual Heading
  • Premium Button
  • Premium Image Button
  • Premium Grid

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