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Web Services

Experience designers at your side

Our process ensures that your project will be exactly what you expected, our staff will be with you all the way but most important, we will be with you a long time after we finish as we believe in long term relations with our clients.

Outstanding user experience

The interface of a website and E-shop must be easy and beautiful for everyone who visits your business online. We look the design and fuctionallity from the visitor side, so everybody is happy.

Remaining responsive across devices

More and more people are online with their mobile devices, it’s essential that your website is responsive to all screen sizes. One of our first tasks is to make your project responsive so no content is lost around.

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The Basics

You Can Start from here

Prices Starting From 10€

Domain Name Registration

The first step to your online presence is to register a domain name that suits your business. Our experts will give you advices to choose the perfect domain for you. We then register the selected domain to your name. We can register any domain in any TLD that exists in the world.

Web Hosting

It's Crusial to have the best Web hosting provider, because almost everything is depending of the speed a website can achieve. You want the best design and a very fast website. Our servers is build with the most powerfull hardware, like SSD disks and with utilities that will speed up your website.

Prices Starting From 70€

Search Engine Optimization

See Our Plans explained in details

Prices Starting From 50€

S.E.O. Search Engine Optimization

It's Great to have a website with a beautiful design and easy to use, but also important is that people must find it. Here comes the SEO Service that we provide. Our experts (Certified by Google) will check all the aspects of your business, research with the proper tools the key words and phrases that people use to find business like yours and integrate them into your site. We make everything that's possible to take your site at the first pages of the Search Engines.

Schema Markup

Schema markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that we put on your website to help the search engines return more informative results for users. It's also known as rich snippets. The content on your website gets indexed and returned in search results. But with schema markup, some of that content gets indexed and returned in a different way. How? Because the markup tells the search engine what that content means. The search engine then provides results that display better information for the user.

Prices Starting From 100€

Care Plans

We Take Care of your business even after the delivery of your website.

Prices Starting From 80€

Our Care Plans Includes

Free Domain Name Renewal
Free Web Hosting Renewal
Free SSL Certificate Renewal
Free Minor Changes
Software Updates
SEO Monitoring & Adjustment
Performance Monitoring
Virus & Malware Check Up
Content Copywriting
Traffic Statistical Analysis
Backups of Files & Databases

Social Media Services

Create, Connect, Feed, Autopost


We create for you business accounts to all major social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube. Including Graphic Designs Needed.

Price 100€


We integrade buttons in your website so visitors can find you at your social media and also can share your content with their friends.

Price 100€


Do you want your visitors to see what you are doing at social media but not leave your site? We put your social media feed into your site.

Price 100€

Auto Post

When ever you put new content into your website our software will send it to your business media accounts without the demand to do it manually.

Price 100€

Next Generation Services

Ecommerce Everywhere, Live Chat, Robots

Messenger Bot

The new trend in the market, messenger bots are the most efficiant tool to take your visitor and convert him to a customer. Messenger bot can answer all the questions that your visitors might have and make them happy finding you.

Prices Starting from 500€

Facebook Store

Yes you can sell your products or services from your Facebook business page. Our system is automated and when you post a new product or service into your eshop automatically shows in the Facebook page.

Prices Starting from 150€

Live Chat

You can chat directly with your visitors from your website, answer to their questions, support system, and all these can happen even if you are not in front of a pc. The only thing you must have is your mobile phone and an internet connection.

Prices Starting from 150€

Addons Services

Helpers that makes your life easier

Multi Languages

We translate your website to as many languages as you want. It's human translations and not mechanical. Our system also will show the version of the prefered language of your visitor.

Prices Starting from 50€

Content Copywriting

Our staff will submit your content, text, images, products or services into your site with the most professional way, the images will be optimized in photoshop and upload to the site.

Prices Starting from 50€

GDPR Compiliance

The new law of the E.U. is here to stay. If your base is in Europe or even if you have visitors from Europe, GDPR is a must for your website. We will build a template for you so you can make the nessesary changes.

Prices Starting from 200€

Terms & Conditions

Every website needs a page with terms & conditions that will inform the visitors about the useage of the site, and other aspects of the business. Our template will help you understand what to change.

Prices Starting from 150€

Google Business

We register your business into Google maps, along with business hours and images so every one who wants to visit your physic place will find you easy.

Price Free


We register you website into Google, Bing and Yandex Webmaster Tools, so the crawl robots can reach your site and index it into their engines.

Price Free

Goole Analytics

You must know what kind of visitors you have and also know which pages are the most popular. Google analytics can give you all the insites of your website.

Price Free

Security Services

Take care of your website and your visitors

SSL Certificates

One of the most important components of online business is creating a trusted environment where potential customers feel confident in making purchases. SSL certificates create a foundation of trust by establishing a secure connection. To ensure visitors their connection is secure, browsers provide visual cues, such as a lock icon or a green bar. It's also nowdays No 1 for SEO ranking factor.

Prices Starting From 30€


Backing up your website is the best practice to protect your online presence. You will fill confindent that what ever it happens your website will run and be live as the first day of launch or with all the changes that was made during the time. Our system will ensure that all your files and databases will be in a secure place every month, week, day or even hour.

Prices Starting From 50€

Virus & Malware

Our experts with the proper tools will check periodically your website for any virus or malware that might harm your website. That way you are protected from potential hackers that want to take your business down. Brutal attacks are an every day phenomenon these days, our software protects you from spammers and all kind of unwanted practices.

Prices Starting From 50€

Promotion & Advertizing Services

We take your business up to the front of everybody eyes

Google Adwords

With our Google certificate in our pocket, our experts are building campaigns for your business, so that you can be from the first day at the top of the page results.

Prices Starting from 250€

Facebook Ads

Making campaigns in Facebook and general in social media is the best way to get visitors and potential clients fast. Our experts will research for the best solution to get you the results you deserve.

Prices Starting from 300€


Having the results of the previews campaigns, you know exactly the visitors your site attracts, remarketing them is more potential to convert them into loyal customers.

Prices Starting from 100€

Email Marketing

Gathering Emails is the best way to have direct connection with your visitors. Our system ensures that your visitors will take emails that will interest them to a point that they want more and more.

Prices Starting from 200€

Mobility Services

The Next Step of your mobile presence

Google AMP

More and more of the visitors of a website are coming from mobile devices. So it's crusial to have your website optimized for these devices. Google has made it clear that in search results, websites that have mobile optimization will have priority. Accelerated mobile pages is the new trend that will make your website compatible because it leaves only the feature image and the content, so the page loads lighting fast.

Price 150€

Facebook Instant

It's the same with Google AMP but for Facebook. But how does this effect your site? When you have let's say a news website, your visitors in a search will see the special sign for the mobile pages, they know that the page will load fast and read what they need. Google and Facebook sees that and gives you priority in search results, because they want their clients to be happy and find relevant content.

Price 150€

Mobile Apps

You want to turn your website into a native mobile app? Then you came to the right place. With the mobile app you can have direct connection with your visitors, you can send them push notifications and generally have more and more chances to convert them into loyal customers. We can make possible everything you need so your business will reach another high level.

Prices Starting From 500€

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